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Key Medicines Patent Status in India

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— Richard James Molloy

Lawyers Collective Training workshop on Patent Oppositions - Call for Applications

Lawyers Collective is organizing a two day training on drafting and filing of patent oppositions, which has now been moved to 10th -11th January, 2015. This training will be held in New Delhi for lawyers and law students (4th and 5th year LLB students in the five year course and 2nd and 3rd year students from the three year course) specializing in Science and IPR. The training is a skill building exercise for those who are interested in drafting and filing patent oppositions on key life saving medicines in public interest. Established in 1981, Lawyers Collective is one of the leading public interest service providers in India with a proven record of setting high standards in human rights advocacy, legal aid and litigation. Its Affordable Medicines and Treatment Campaign (AMTC) team was launched in 2001, with an objective to create an environment that will ensure sustained availability and affordability of all medicines and treatment for every individual in India, including access to affordable medicines for people living with HIV, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis. Patents create monopolies by preventing generic competition which is known to substantially reduce the prices of medicines making them affordable for public. Through filing of patent oppositions Lawyers Collective attempts to ensure that patents are not granted on spurious inventions. This can be achieved through filing pre-grant, post-grant challenges and revocations to patent applications on patent applications pertaining to key life saving drugs. The training will include sessions on identifying patent applications, conducting prior art search and drafting of patent oppositions. Those interested in attending this training should send their CVs and a 200 word statement of interest on how this training would be beneficial to them to or by 25th November, 2014. Shortlisted participants will be notified by 1st December, 2014. Lawyers Collective will make arrangements for the travel and accommodation for outstation participants.

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