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Ms. Jaising – Justice Verma Committee Keynote Address Speech – 19 jan

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6th Monitoring and Evaluation Report- Staying Alive: Evaluating Court Orders

Staying Alive- Evaluating Court Orders

The Sixth M&E Report analyzes the extent of protection against violence for women within the framework of marriage and other domestic relationships. Of the 22,255 Magistrate and Sessions Court Orders received by LCWRI, over a period of 9 months, from

Best Practices Manual PWDV Act 2005

Manual on Best Practices under PWDVA

The Manual is an amalgamation of best practices compiled from information received through the annual Monitoring & Evaluation exercises conducted by State Governments and state visits. Some best practices highlighted the appointment of full-time government cadre of protection officers (POs)

Resource Tool: Monitoring & Evaluation of PWDV Act 2005

Resource Tool for Monitoring & Evaluating of PWDVA

The resource tool, “How to conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of PWDVA” is a knowledge product, which will act as a tool to build capacity to monitor and evaluate PWDVA – providing a road map of the framework required to identify

Poster – 6th National Conference


Poster from the 6th National Conference.

When consent is key

22 February 2013, New Delhi, Tripti Tandon Non-consensual acts in a commercial context amount to rape: no second opinion about it! ‘When I say I didn’t consent to sex, they say you can’t be raped. But when I say I


Divorced Woman      

Andhra Pradesh

Verbal and emotional violence Denial of relief since Aggrieved Women left the Shared household out of her won volition