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Poll Related Cases -Solution?


The political parties have entered the fray to prepare for the 2014 Parliamentary elections. But the Election petitions in respect of 2009 elections are still dragging on. The Order in a case against Veldurai elected in the 2006 election from

Moth-Eaten Debate On Outsider Presence


A High Court judge has chosen to tender a suggestion to the government to amend the Trade Union law to prohibit outsiders from assuming leadership in Trade Unions. It is indeed surprising that the judge has volunteered this opinion even

Ambulance Chasers


Last week, in a wrangle over the sharing of the compensation awarded in a case of a motor vehicle accident in Karur, even the proceedings of the court in Karur were affected. The affected person and his lawyer belong to

A Torture Called Stamp Paper


At the mention of Stamp Paper Fraud the name of Abdul Karim Telgi comes to our mind. He is now in a Karnataka prison. It was said that he had printed and sold fake stamp paper worth rupees two thousand

Law, A Dark Room

The arrest of two law college students in Tirunelveli on a charge of theft is indeed shocking news. The news of the past two months concerning the students of different Law Colleges in Tamil Nadu is alarming. A Law College

No Standees ! – Mayandi!

The pictures of college students dancing on the roofs of buses under the guise of ‘Bus Day’ are seen ever so often in the newspapers. It is not clear what attempts have been made by the government to implement the

Who Is My Lawyer?

The boundaries of the growing Chennai Metropolis are expanding and its population has crossed ten million. A question always rises in the minds of the Chennaiites as to whom they should approach when they encounter legal problems. It has been

Disabled In Traffic Accidents

There was a recent news item about two bus drivers dying of sudden heart attack while driving the vehicles. Thanks to the presence of mind and the efforts of the drivers, the lives of passengers were saved. Airline pilots are