For affordable medicines; to ensure only true innovations are rewarded with patent protection Before the 1970s, the Indian Patent Law was on the lines of the British law, allowing foreign companies to make huge profits. Thus, we had among the highest medicines prices. In the 1970s, after detailed reports of Bakshi Tek Chand and Justice…

5th March, 2015 To, Dr. Prannoy Roy, Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairperson, NDTV, New Delhi. Dear Dr. Prannoy Roy, On receiving a letter from Ms. Indira Jaising and others, on 3rd march 2015, which raised legal and ethical objections with respect to the telecast by NDTV of LesleeUdwin’s film “India’s Daughter”a DVD of the said film…

To read the written submissions by Ms. Indira Jaising, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, in the Priya Pillai (Green Peace) case, please click here.

High Alert:Indian Prime Minister announces change in the IP regime!   Under the recent pressures from the United States the Indian government headed by Prime Minister Mr.   Narendra Modi has announced possible changes in India’s IP regime, which might adversely affect access to medicines. Mr. Modi has assured the US President Barack Obama and US…

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