How to use advanced patents search?

The Advanced Patent Search provides multiple search parameters to get relative or absolute search results. The users can either opt for selecting multiple search parameters or individual search parameter to search our database and results will be displayed for drugs and patent applications included in our database.

Search by Drug INN Name

It allows the user to search by Drug INN name; the user can choose to select a single drug name or multiple drugs.  The search output will list all the patent applications listed for the selected drugs.

Searching with Application Number

If the Application number is available with the user this search will provide details of the name of the drug and status of the searched patent application.

Searching with Applicant Details

The Applicant search option will provide the user information on patent applications filed for the drugs and their status by the selected applicant. This search will provide multiple outputs as a single applicant could file patent applications for more than one drug.

Searching with International Publication Number

If the user has international publication number it will provide information for the similar patent application filed in India, the application’s status and details of the drug.

Search by Status of Application

The user can search under this category by adding keywords like “Patented”, “Rejected”,   “Under Examination”, “Awaiting Examination” etc.   This search will list all the patent applications for the selected keywords.

Searching with Date of Priority

If the user has date of priority details, select the desired date from the date calendar. This search will provide multiple outputs if more than one patent application has same priority date.  Please use the date calendar for this field to enable correct results. By default last ten years are shown in the Year selection, to load previous years, select the first year value and again open the year selection drop down.

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