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Tamil everywhere, Tamil in everything

Don’t we hear the echo of this chant? A section of lawyers has declared that till the Governor formally announces that Tamil will be an associate language in the High Court, they would persist with their boycott of the courts. Accordingly the lawyers in Madurai have boycotted the courts more...

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National Judicial Appointments Commission, A Critique by Indira Jaising

An assessment of the new law introduced to appoint judges argues that it will make the judiciary subservient to the executive and thus throws a fundamental challenge to the Constitution and Indian democracy. The long-pending demands for transparency and accountability of judges and for making the judiciary more representative have...

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Poll Related Cases -Solution?

The political parties have entered the fray to prepare for the 2014 Parliamentary elections. But the Election petitions in respect of 2009 elections are still dragging on. The Order in a case against Veldurai elected in the 2006 election from Cheranmahadevi came out only when he was campaigning for the...

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Moth-Eaten Debate On Outsider Presence

A High Court judge has chosen to tender a suggestion to the government to amend the Trade Union law to prohibit outsiders from assuming leadership in Trade Unions. It is indeed surprising that the judge has volunteered this opinion even though the central and State governments were not parties to...

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Who will judge the Judge?

 In a farewell function organized on his retirement from the Bench, Justice Suthanthiram had chosen to give his response to an opinion that it is not necessary to organize farewell functions at government cost and involving waste of human resources. He stated that, much like welcome function on taking charge,...

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Dangers Faced By Social Networks

Exchanges of individual opinions occur in a large measure in social networks (Twitter, Facebook…). In many countries social networks have scored victories against dictators and on behalf of change of government. There is a growing volume of opinion that this technology had ushered in the freedom of expression of individuals....

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