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Flushing Democracy Down the Toilet: Rajasthan’s New Voter Laws

India revolutionized democracy when it introduced the 73rd and 74th amendment in 1994 calling for 1/3rd seat reservation for women in the Panchayat Raj. Twenty years later, these gains are being rolled back by new qualifications for running for office: a bathroom and an education. What is the correlation between...

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LEGAL LET-DOWN : Indira Jaising

INDIRA JAISING Almost thirty  years after the disaster in Bhopal in December 2-3, 1984, the numberless, unidentified and ever increasing victims of the tragedy have not been forgotten by the nation, though forgotten by the legal system. Although the world’s most spectacular law suit has vanished without a trace, leaving...

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Family against woman : Indira Jaising

October 26 marks the first anniversary of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. The law was conceived as a civil law as distinct from the existing criminal law: Section 498A IPC. It was often said that criminal law had no space for settlement of disputes and could give...

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ONLY HER WORD : By Indira Jaising

When asked, what objection do you have to Section 498-A being made compoundable, my first reaction was, public memory is so short. Few remember the how and the why of section 498A and its origins. Even fewer can make the connections between Section 498A and staying alive and fewer still...

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INTRODUCTION The Indian Constitution, adopted in 1950, at a time when fundamental rights were formally being guaranteed all over the world to meet the demands of a post-Holocaust era was truly a child of the post Second World War period. Naturally, like other sister documents, it was necessarily influenced by...

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Bhopal gas leak tragedy: Disaster in progress : Indira Jaising

Sathyu (left) went to Bhopal as a volunteer a day after the gas leak and never left. Today, he is a founder member of the Bhopal Group for Information and Action and the Sambhavna Trust. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, memories of the victims’ suffering surface...

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Concern for the Dead, Condemnation for the Living : Indira Jaising

INDIRA JAISING While ruling that women were increasingly misusing Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, the Supreme Court ought to have been more conscious of the prevalence of domestic violence, and the difficulties women face in approaching the police. When faced with evidence of a poor conviction rate, instead...

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India’s Daughter

5th March, 2015 To, Dr. Prannoy Roy, Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairperson, NDTV, New Delhi. Dear Dr. Prannoy Roy, On receiving a letter from Ms. Indira Jaising and others, on 3rd march 2015, which raised legal and ethical objections with respect to the telecast by NDTV of LesleeUdwin’s film “India’s Daughter”a...

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