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Principal proposes marriage, teacher alleges harassment

AHMEDABAD: A 35-year-old teacher of a municipal school has alleged harassment at workplace by the school’s principal, SamirShaikh (41). The teacher has alleged that Shaikh proposed marriage to her; when she declined, he badgered her to stay in a live-in relationship with him. Read

Rider to domestic violence plea in court

MUMBAI: A family court has clarified that it does not have the jurisdiction to entertain a petition under the Domestic Violence Act if the violence has occurred before a petition relating to dissolution of marriage was filed. Read More

Domestic violence calls flood helpline

AHMEDABAD: Anuradha, 24, a resident of Naroda, had got married in 2012 with a youth of her choice against wishes of her family. After the honeymoon period, Anuradha realized that she did not have any proof of her marriage as

Refusal to have sex during honeymoon is not cruelty: Bombay high court

MUMBAI: Refusal to have sex with a life partner during honeymoon does not amount to cruelty, the Bombay high court has ruled while setting aside a family court judgement dissolving the marriage of a couple on this ground. Read More

Faceless Camp Coolies

We have been distressed on hearing about the travails of Eelam women confined in barbed wire camps. Now, may we spare some thought for Tamil women being exploited as Camp Coolies in this 21st century? There was a news item

Deemed conversion” of woman’s religion upon marriage; Supreme Court approached against Gujarat High Court’s controversial decision

A Special Leave Petition (SLP) has been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the Gujarat High Court’s controversial ruling that a woman who enters into wedlock, even under The Special Marriage Act, 1954, outside her religion is deemed to have

Rajya Sabha passes women-friendly marriage bill

NEW DELHI: In a major step towards making marriage laws more women-friendly, Rajya Sabha on Monday passed the bill to amend the Hindu Marriage Act (1955) and the Special Marriage Act (1954) that provides for “irretrievable breakdown on marriage” as

Married or not, Domestic Violence Act binding: HC

In a significant ruling, Kerala High Court has held that a woman is entitled to get protection under the provisions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act even if she were in a live-in relationship. “What was intended