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Urgent, confidential & pending

The PIL in Gujarat High Court was regarding a pregnant young woman who had a warning label stuck on her forehead declaring her HIV positive status as she went about the hospital. Read More

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HIV/AIDS patients call for passage of bill drafted in 2006

HIV positive people and organizations working for them on Monday demanded that the HIV/AIDS bill be tabled in Parliament in the upcoming monsoon session. The bill drafted in 2006 has since been pending and is being moved between the Health and law ministries for clearances, they said in a press...

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HIV+ women face more domestic abuse

A high proportion of HIV positive women report domestic violence than HIV negative women, says a latest study by the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune. Conducted in a tertiary care hospital in Pune on a randomly selected sample of 150 married women, of which 75 each were HIV positive and...

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Oxfam-India to Initiate a Pan-India study on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Oxfam India works to strengthen Workplace Sexual Harassment Bill In India, it is estimated that someone is sexually harassed every hour. Legal protections against workplace sexual harassment in India have historically been weak, but the Landmark “Vishakha Judgement” (passed 14 years ago) recommended drafting a law concerning Sexual Harassment in...

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 In 2001, India’s generics brought prices down from $15000 per person per year to $350 for first line AIDS medicines. 80% of people living with HIV in developing countries are on Indian generic ARVs Over 90% of pediatric AIDS medicines are supplied by Indian generics. BUT ALL THIS COULD CHANGE IF...

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HIV Positive People Demand Immediate Passing of the HIV/AIDS Bill

HIV Positive People Demand Immediate Passing of the HIV/AIDS Bill New Delhi, 4 July 2011: Around 300 people living with HIV/AIDS a staged a dharna outside the Health Ministry today, demanding the immediate tabling of the HIV/AIDS in Parliament. The Bill has been pending with the government since July 2006....

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