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Civil society opposes patent on sofosbuvir

10 September, 2014- In a move towards furthering access to affordable medicines, Lawyers Collective through Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust, the Hepatitis Coalition of Nagaland and Network of PLHIV living in the Asia Pacific region (APN+), filed a pre- grant challenge to sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) in India. The opposition is against the pro-drug...

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Lawyers Collective Response to Testimony of Mr. Roy F Waldron, Pfizer Inc.

Recently, several multinational pharmaceutical companies along with the US Chamber of Commerce have been instrumental in mounting pressure on India to decry the alleged state of Intellectual Property (IP) regime in India. On June 27, 2013 a hearing, ‘A tangle of trade barriers’ before the US Energy and Commerce Committee...

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Analysing the Novartis Story

Vol – XLVIII No. 32, August 10, 2013 | Anand Grover A detailed account of the examination of Section 3(d) of the Indian Patents Act in the Supreme Court’s judgment on Novartis’s patent application for Glivec. Anand Grover (anandgrover@gmail.com) is a Senior Advocate practising in the Supreme Court and the Director of...

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Apex court right to reject Novartis’s attempt

Novartis  threat that it would not introduce new medicines in India after the verdict is hollow, says Anand Grover. While the patients and the generic companies have rejoiced over the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Novartis case rejecting the patent for its drug Gleevec, Novartis itself has threatened that it...

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Strictest patent laws will foster genuine innovation

In 2005, as the Indian Parliament debated at length the impact of complying with the WTO’s TRIPS Agreement, one issue was uppermost in their minds; the impact of granting patents on access to affordable generic medicines. And, the one medicine that exemplified the concern was imatinibmesylate, sold by Novartis as...

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Glivec ruling: Putting patients before profits

Supreme Court’s verdict on Glivec benefits not just millions in India, but across the developing world Anand Grover Novartis’s assertions that the ruling will affect investment or future innovations have been belied time and again, including at the World Health Organization, which has found that intellectual property does not result...

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