(Reuters) – China’s top court has overturned the death sentence of a woman convicted of killing her husband after years of violent abuse, her lawyer said on Tuesday, in a move activists say shows the government could be serious about battling domestic violence. Read More

As the society faces fast degradation in moral values in the wake of unrelenting violence, Kashmir’s premiere Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital (SMHS) on Thursday claimed to have, for the first time, started registering female homicidal burn cases, besides increasing trend of violent mode of committing suicides. Read More

First it was Rupan Bajaj from Punjab, then a woman officer in Kerala; and we learnt that senior women civil servants are as vulnerable to sexual harassment as ordinary women in ordinary workplaces. Also, that nothing separates top cops and ministers from the common man, save the assumption of impunity by the former. Women blew…

Indira Jaising, 73, is India’s top female federal legal advisor and co-founder of the Lawyers Collective, an advocacy group focusing on the rights of women and minorities. Read More

India’s top-ranking female government lawyer says the employers of two women in the news recently for leveling sexual-assault allegations against powerful men erred in not taking the accusations to the police. Read More

New Delhi, Nov. 19: A lawyers’ body today requested the Supreme Court to expand the three-judge panel formed to look into a law intern’s allegation of sexual assault by adding more women members and widen its scope to address workplace harassment at the top court itself. Read More

The colonialists wanted to expand the western part of Fort St.George. The Chennamalleeswara and Chennakesava temples got destroyed in a mysterious “fire accident”. The people who rose in anger were pacified with money grants and land west of Flower Bazaar. A sand mound south of Armenian Street was razed to the ground on  security considerations…

The gruesome murder of Dabolkar, who had been spearheading a movement against superstitions in Maharashtra, has plunged all people of rationalist disposition in shock.  Voices are rising that laws should be put in place to prevent the country from being reduced to an assembly of dim wits. A law had been enacted in Maharashtra providing…

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