‘We, the dying people of India’ Gook on dying off the record.

‘We, the dying people of India’ Gook on dying off the record.

'We the Living people of India' are no longer able to escape the Government's desire to give us Aadhaar. Gook was delighted to read in the newspapers today that finally the Government has turned their attention upon 'We the Dying people of India' too. So now,from 1st October 2017, to die in any official record,we will need an Aadhaar Card.

Those without it can however still die off the record..
Moved by our Government's concern for it's living and dying citizens,Gook felt inspired to pen this Law-merick :

In Quest of Who,What,Where & Why?
Our Government gave birth to UIDAI

Lets log in to their Portal
Unless we are Immortal

For without their 'Aadhaar' we cannot die..


- Raju Z Moray 

Disclaimer:"The views in the article are of the author and do not represent the views of the Invisible Lawyer"

One thought on “‘We, the dying people of India’ Gook on dying off the record.

  1. This brings it such perspective as to how fortunate and grateful ‘We the People of India’ still are to be governed by such enthusiasts after all the legion of enormities. There still remains such order amidst all the chaos, panic and disorder…
    I read a story once of Stalin who was a great dictator, which I will reproduce here. When Josef Stalin was on his deathbed he called in two likely successors, to test which one of the two had a better knack for ruling the country.
    He ordered two birds to be brought in and presented one bird to each of the two candidates.
    The first one grabbed the bird, but was so afraid that the bird could free himself from his grip and fly away that he squeezed his hand very hard, and when he opened his palm, the bird was dead.
    Seeing the disapproving look on Stalin’s face and being afraid to repeat his rival’s mistake, the second candidate loosened his grip so much that the bird freed himself and flew away.
    Stalin looked at both of them scornfully. “Bring me a bird!” he ordered. They did. Stalin took the bird by its legs and slowly, one by one, he plucked all the feathers from the bird’s little body.
    Then he opened his palm. The bird was laying there naked, shivering, helpless.
    Stalin looked at him, smiled gently and said, “You see… and he is even thankful for the human warmth coming out of my palm.”

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