Gook on Privacy..

Gook on Privacy..

Gobble D. Gook has a lot to hide..his paunch,for instance..
He even has friends who are happy and every way!
So just as everyone sweating in sultry weather loves the comfort of AC
Everyone fed up with Publicity can now pursue their interests in Privacy

But then Gook has a problem.
He cannot judge,so he thinks!
And he discovers kinks,chinks..

The result are Lawmericks!

So here's another one..

Thus have pronounced the Supreme Nine
Privacy is Fundamental, unanimously fine..

But there are other facets
Like not disclosing our assets

Right to Hide vs. Right to Know.. is a thin line!


  • Raju Z Moray 

Disclaimer:"The views in the article are of the author and do not represent the views of the Invisible Lawyer"

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