Gook’s take on linking aadhaar to your phone number

Gook’s take on linking aadhaar to your phone number

Banks and Mobile Phone Companies are hell bent on getting everyone to link their accounts to their Aadhaar Cards.
The Apex Court had to caution them against threatening citizens.

Gobble D. Gook feels that the first thing that needs to be done is to link some Intelligence Card to the brains of those wielding Power..
Other things will then fall in place without issuance of threats..

But the Government's paranoia is understandable..
..And this Lawmerick reflects Gook's understanding!

Your Bank Accounts will give Aadhaar to us
And your cell shall tell us what was your buzz

So don't raise a stink
About a law-abiding link

It's only the unpatriotic who are making a fuss!


Raju Z Moray

Read his wonderful book 'Court Jester' here. 

Disclaimer:"The views in the article are of the author and do not represent the views of the Invisible Lawyer"

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