Lawmerick: Gobble D. Gook is amused

Lawmerick: Gobble D. Gook is amused

Gobble D. Gook was amused to read about a Minister of State in the Central Cabinet declare that the Theory of Evolution was hogwash
..a figment of the imagination of scientists!
Little did the Hon'ble Minister know that Darwin has many more supporters in this Cabinet than Marx.
He was promptly chastised by a Senior Minister who asked to clam up and do his homework!
-So much for the Freedom of Expression!

Gook actually sympathises with this Minister who used to be a Police Commissioner once..

He never made any such 'scientific' observations during allegations of police excesses,encounters and tortures routinely made against policemen..
But a few years in Parliament seem to have reminded him of the Neanderthals ..and he honestly felt there had been no Evolution!

So this Lawmerick is in his support (sort of..)

When our national dilemmas have no solution
When we are obsessed with Digital Revolution

It's best to discuss Darwin
Instead of farmers starving

-'Cause some mindsets haven't seen evolution..

Raju Z Moray, read more of his work at Court Jester! 

Disclaimer:"The views in the article are of the author and do not represent the views of the Invisible Lawyer"

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