Lawmerick: Gook on the live-streaming petition to be heard!

Lawmerick: Gook on the live-streaming petition to be heard!

Gooble D.Gook has been watching with interest the growing support which Senior Advocate Indira Jaising is garnering for her campaign for live streaming of Supreme Court proceedings..

Gook feels that most media channels will vie for telecast rights of court proceedings if there is open bidding but they would oppose a separate SC TV Channel on lines of the Loksabha Channel..
This is because they would fear losing TRPs!

If her suggestion becomes a reality all Reality Shows would be overshadowed and lag this Channel would have live streaming of Action, Masala,Melodrama and even Farce on a regular,if not daily basis..

To support quick adoption of Adv. Jaising's proposal Gook has penned this Lawmerick..

We hear ad nauseam,"The Nation wants to know"
And media masochists relish it blow by slow blow

Whether it's ugly or pretty
Nothing beats publicity

So stream proceedings Live! Let's start the Show!


Raju Z Moray, read more of his work at Court Jester! 

Disclaimer:"The views in the article are of the author and do not represent the views of the Invisible Lawyer"

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