Lawmerick: Gook wonders if he belongs to the lawyers to be reprimanded by the BCI

Lawmerick: Gook wonders if he belongs to the lawyers to be reprimanded by the BCI

When the Chairman of the revered Bar Council of India(BCI) speaks,everyone at the Bar is all ears..
With its tremendous disciplinary powers over advocates,the BCI can instil so many fears..

Now,the Chairman wants to discipline some advocates, primarily from Delhi, who regularly intervene in high profile court matters, give interviews to the media and generally indulge in other such sundry unspecified nuisance which according to him 95% of the advocates who are docile and decent find highly objectionable and want desperately to curtail if not stop.
The Hon'ble Chairman thinks that such acts of misguided activism by about 5% of lawyers amount to 'misconduct' as such behaviour gives the "Institution" a bad name all over the world!
So some "disciplinary action" is being contemplated against such be announced very shortly..ironically,before the very media which abets the troublemakers in giving our noble profession a bad name!

Gobble D. Gook was left wondering whether he too would qualify in the naughty 5% due to be reprimanded..but then he realised that he is unique..
There is no one like Gook
Because he never goes by the book!
His poems are visible
He remains..Invisible!

And enjoys penning 'Lawmericks' like this one..

Are we not to question How..or Why?
When such acts are activated by BCI?

'Coz it's Chairman is awesome
Just like some Cherry Blossom

-With love for the Bar & loyalty to the CJI..?


Raju Z Moray, read more of his work at Court Jester! 

Disclaimer:"The views in the article are of the author and do not represent the views of the Invisible Lawyer"

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