The Lawyers Collective was on the Inter Ministerial Group (IMG) constituted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in September 2012 to consider amendments to the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956. Read our submissions on the law and comments on the draft IMG Report here. Protecting Sex Workers’s Privacy Sex workers routinely experience harassment and abuse at the hands of media persons, especially during police raids and arrests. Their photographs are flashed in local newspapers and television channels, thereby revealing their identities and subjecting them and their families to stigma and ostracisation. In this regard, the Lawyers Collective, along with a delegation of sex workers, approached the Press Council of India (PCI)and made submissions seeking redress. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Anti- Rights Practices in HIV Prevention In recent times, HIV prevention interventions targeting sex workers, persons who inject drugs, men having sex with men and transgender persons have taken on coercive tactics, especially in HIV testing and sharing of clients’ personal information. The Lawyers Collective, together with representative community organizations criticized ‘target based testing’ and ‘line listing’ for violating autonomy and privacy and eroding trust in government programmes. Read more

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