The Lawyers Collective Women’s Rights Initiative

The Lawyers Collective is a group of Lawyers with a mission to empower and change the status of marginalised groups through the effective use of law, and an engagement in human rights advocacy, legal aid and litigation. The Lawyers Collective ’s Rights Initiative (LCRWI) actively uses the law as a tool to address critical issues of such as violence, sexual harassment at the workplace, matrimonial and family related matters, crimes against particularly sexual assault and reproductive rights. Our mission is the empowerment of through law. This is based on the belief that law is an instrument of social change and can be used in different ways to further the constitutional and human rights of . Since its inception in 1998, the LCWRI has been actively engaged with the entire legal regime of addressing the rights of in law.


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One Response to The Lawyers Collective Women’s Rights Initiative

  1. Dr(Mrs) Vasanthi.R says:

    Greetings for the successful and Truthful Women’s Rriths Initiative…
    First of all I Congratulate for the evaluation meeting conducted with a great effort. It really gives outcome of successful PWDVA overall Tamil Nadu.. I think your greatest encouragement to the Protection Officers who are working under the Act, paves the way for the successful implementation of PWDVA.
    Thank you

    Yours Faithfully,

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