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The Lawyers Collective is a group of Lawyers with a mission to empower and change the status of marginalised groups through the effective use of law, and an engagement in human rights advocacy, legal aid and litigation. The Lawyers Collective, actively uses the law as a tool to address critical issues such as domestic violence, sexual harassment at the workplace, matrimonial and family related matters, crimes against women particularly sexual assault and reproductive rights, rights of the LGBTQ community, access to medicine and health care. Our mission is the empowerment of marginalised groups through law. This is based on the belief that law is an instrument of social change and can be used in different ways to further the constitutional and human rights of women. Since its inception in 1981, the LC has been actively engaged with the entire legal regime of addressing the rights of marginalised groups.

LC 2017 Staff list

Name Designation Place Contact
OUR TEAM      
Ms. Tripti Tandon Executive Director Delhi tripti.tandon@lawyerscollective.org
Mr. Suraj Sanap Legal Consultant Delhi Suraj.sanap@lawyerscollective.org
Ms. Priyam Lizmary Cherian Legal Consultant Delhi Priyam.lizmary@lawyerscollective.org
Ms. Ajita Sharma Legal Consultant Delhi Ajita.sharma90@gmail.com
Ms. Aanchal Singh Legal Consultant Delhi Aanchalsingh168@gmail.com
Ms. Nehmat Kaur Legal Consultant Delhi Nehmatkaur9@gmail.com
Mr. Paras Nath Singh Legal Consultant Delhi Parasnsingh95@gmail.com
Mr. Samyak Gangwal Legal Consultant Delhi Samyakgangwal@lawyerscollective.org
Ms. Aarushi Mahajan Legal Consultant Delhi Aarushimahajan@lawyerscollective.org
Mr. Gyan Prakash Sharma Administrative Officer Delhi Gpsharma67@gmail.com
Mr. Lalit Mohan Administrative & Finance Officer Delhi Lalit.mohan@lawyerscollective.org
Mr. Bharat Beriya Accounts Officer Delhi Bharatberiya0786@gmail.com
Mr. Rajkumar Parcha Legal Clerk Delhi rajkumarparcha143@gmail.com
Sr. No Name Designation Profile
1. Ms. Indira Jaising Secretary Ms. Indira Jaising is a Senior Advocate practising in the Supreme Court of India. She is an Indian lawyer noted for her legal activism in promoting human rights causes. In 2018, she was ranked 20th in the list of 50 Greatest Leaders of the World by Fortune Magazine. In 2009, Ms. Jaising became the first woman to be appointed as the Additional Solicitor General of India. From the beginning of her legal career, she has focused on protection of human rights and rights of women. In 2005, she received the Padma Shree award by the President of India for her service towards the causes of public affairs.
2. Mr. Anand Grover Director Mr. Anand Grover is a Senior Advocate known for legal activism in law relating to homosexuality and HIV. He was the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health from August 2008 to July 2014. Mr. Grover is currently an acting member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy.
3. Ms. Sanober Keshwar Trustee Ms. Sanober Keshwar is an Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work in TATA Institute of Social Sciences.
4. Ms. Norma Alvares Member Ms. Norma Alvares is an Indian social worker, environmental activist and lawyer. She has filed over more than 100 Public Interest Litigations. She was awarded Padma Shri by the Government of India in the year 2002. Ms. Alvares was also awarded with the Yashaamini Puraskar by the Government of Goa in the year 2001.
5. Justice Hosbet Suresh Member Mr. Suresh is a former judge of the Bombay High Court and has led a number of Commissions that investigated violations of human rights. Mr. Suresh and P.B Sawant were members of the Indian People’s Tribunal (IPT) fact-finding team which was headed by former Supreme Court Justice V.R Krishna Iyer that went to Gujarat in March and April 2002, following the communal riots triggered by the Godhra train attack. Mr. Suresh was one of the drafters of the proposed law, “The Prevention of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity Act, 2004”.
6. Ms. Nilima Dutta Member Ms. Dutta is an advocate practising in the Bombay High Court. She is very committed to the cause of human rights and has appeared in many cases pertaining to the Rights of Marginalised Persons and Minorities.
7. Mr. Mihir Desai Member Mr. Desai is a human rights lawyer in the cases of mass murders and riots, fake encounters and custodial deaths by the police, police brutality, freedom of expression and journalists, political activists and prisoners of conscience, excesses by the State, mass disappearances and deaths, genocide probes. As a Senior Counsel, he has been practising criminal matters in the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court of India.