Category: HIV & Law

Lawyers Collective is an NGO in India for human rights advocacy, legal aid & litigation. They drafted the HIV/AIDS Bill successfully passed in 2017, it has represented People living with HIV through litigation, advocacy and access to life saving medicine campaigns.

HIV and Law Team

Project Director: Anand Grover Shivangi Rai (Delhi) Raman Chawla (including Draft Legislation on HIV) (Delhi)...

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Legislating an Epidemic – HIV/AIDS in India: Manual on HIV/AIDS law (2006) The Unit has...

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Draft Law

HIV/AIDS Bill, 2007 The process of drafting the HIV/AIDS Bill started with the International Policy...

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Current Cases

Current Cases Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust v. Union of India – Supreme Court of India In...

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Background  “The most important public health lesson emerging from the HIV epidemic is that respecting...

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Law & Policy

Isolation of Persons Diagnosed with Drug Resistant Tuberculosis In December 2011, 15 persons in Maharashtra...

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