Cops harass victims of domestic violence

There have been 35 complaints filed with the State Human Rights Commission against the police by women — victims of domestic abuse — for not entertaining their complaints and another 88 for harassing victims.

Domestic violence against women is increasing by 10 per cent every year in the state which ranks second in the country in recording cases under the Domestic Violence Act.

A study funded by the State Women’s Commission indicates that the legal system too is not very receptive towards victims of domestic violence.

The actual numbers might be as high as four times than those registered; as many cases of violence are referred to village elders, caste leaders, Women Self-Help Groups etc., say the sources.

In the last six months, 1,225 cases of domestic violence were registered with 45 police stations across the city. On an average, six cases under Section 498 A are registered every month, while the number at the four women’s police stations is 20. Also, an increasing number of women from the Old City are approaching the police. “The figure reached 240 cases at the Charminar Police Station and as many as 413 requests for counselling were registered,” read the report.

“There has been no survey of the total number of cases of domestic violence but if we take only the cases lodged with the police, the numbers are quite high.

Till date the maximum cases of violence have been reported for dowry and for giving birth to a girl child.

“However, the police authorities are not offering proper guidance to women, like giving crucial information regarding the action one can take under the Domestic Violence Act,” pointed out the secretary of AP Women’s Commission C. Sarala Rajyalakshmi

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  1. What options does a women have under domestic violence act if she is being verbally and physically abuse by husband. How does one go about filling a complain

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