6th Monitoring and Evaluation Report- Staying Alive: Evaluating Court Orders

The Sixth M&E Report analyzes the extent of protection against violence for women within the framework of marriage and other domestic relationships. Of the 22,255 Magistrate and Sessions Court Orders received by LCWRI, over a period of 9 months, from 27 states and Union Territories, 9,526 were analyzed for this report.

Findings indicate that married women continued to be the single largest users of the Act. The large number of orders received by LCWRI indicates a significant growth in the use of the Act by women in India. The report also highlighted that most applications are filed after the woman leaves the shared household.

Despite making progress in judicial pronouncements, the Courts still struggle with entrenched patriarchal beliefs and biases. The greatest concern apparent from the report is that PWDVA may fail to address the consequences of violence within a marriage or a domestic relationship, if the Act becomes secondary to the personal laws governing women’s rights in the family.