Editorial by Jhuma Sen

Jhuma Sen, special editor, introduces the readers to the combined forces that made the victory against instantaneous Talaq possible. She takes a step back and reflects on the issue, taking along every participant - the survivors, the petitioners, the lawyers, the supporters and the women of the future who will live in a slightly different world, a better world. This issue is by women of the past to the women of the future. 

“I was convinced that this stand (overturning Shah Bano judgment) would cause a setback to the process of reform and gender justice”, says Arif Mohammad Khan

Arif Mohammad Khan is a former Union minister. He quit the Rajiv Gandhi government and the Congress over differences on the Muslim Personal Law Bill passed in Parliament, following the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Shah Bano case. In this interview he discusses with Shivangi Misra the changing landscape of personal laws since the Shah Bano judgment. 

Warisha Farasat: “Muslim Women don’t need saving”

Warisha Farasat and Shadan Farasat were the lawyers of Bharitya Muslim Mahila Andolan in the Court case. In an interview with Ankita Ramgopal they narrate their involvement with the issue, the legal points raised and the judicial reasoning in the judgement.