Lawmerick: Gook on the national anthem!

Lawmerick: Gook on the national anthem!

Gobble D. Gook has been following the shifts in position on the National Anthem case with great interest.

Now, the SC has modified it's earlier order dated 30th November, 2016 making playing of the National Anthem prior to the screening of feature films in cinema halls mandatory.

The learned AG made a refreshingly poetic suggestion:

"The word 'shall' in the order could be changed to 'may'
....Leaving it to cinemas to play or not to play.."

(He now qualifies to become an invisible lawyer and pen lawmericks..but till then, Gook continues to hold Fort)
So here is his comment..

Whenever the Anthem is played by any band
You must show respect... and at least stand

That's the latest position
As per Milords disposition

Unless this doesn't satisfy the 'patriots' demand..

By Raju Z. Moray 

Buy a copy of his book 'Court Jester' here

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